Plate Lifting


Beam Lifting Clamp

Looking to find plate lifting equipment? Here at TTC Lifting, we have six choices for you to choose from. These are available for lifting both horizontally and vertically. Our vertical plate clamp series is perfect for lifting and turning steel plates and can be adjusted to a variety of thicknesses.

We have several horizontal options too, with different clamp profiles suited to different types of load. Many of our plate lifting clamps have been tested for 150% factory overload. We know that finding one (or a set) suitable for your needs will be no problem and will make your life much easier.

Created to lift plates of varying widths and weights, we have the perfect lifting equipment for your needs and desires. Enquire online now for yours! You can also call us for guidance on choosing your best plate lifting options – we are available on 01384 564 059 to provide support and guidance and would love to help you make your choice.